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Are you a heart-centered female entrepreneur ready to break free from limiting beliefs, activate your unlimited potential, and create the financial abundance and impact you deserve?

Hi, I'm Sarah Dumas, an Abundance Activator, Visionary Mentor for Female Leaders, and Impact-Driven Business Coach dedicated to empowering ambitious women to align their faith, mindset, and leadership to create a life of purpose, prosperity, and impact. With over 15 years of experience as a Chief Financial Officer (CFO) scaling companies to multi-million and billion-dollar success, I've helped countless fearless female leaders tap into their God-given potential and create $100k months and beyond. Through a holistic approach that combines Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP), Abundance Consciousness Mentoring, and Wealth Energetics, I'll guide you on a transformative journey to cultivate emotional mastery, embody your feminine power, and experience true wealth-impact freedom.

My Story

As a former CFO turned Purpose-Driven Abundance Activator, I intimately understand the struggles of breaking free from societal conditioning, healing Legacy Wounds, and choosing to create wealth in alignment with your faith and values. I walked away from multiple millions that would have tied down my soul, embarking on a soul journey to financial freedom. What I discovered was that lasting success is an inside-out transformation, rooted in a deep connection to your God-given purpose.

I stand for the spiritually conscious entrepreneur because I believe it's time to rewrite the narrative and empower women to claim their rightful place as abundant, impact-driven leaders. By aligning your business with your faith and higher calling, you can create a life of purpose, prosperity, and profound impact. I'm here to guide you on this journey, helping you navigate the challenges and embrace your unique path to success, all while honoring your spiritual values and the calling placed on your heart.

The Transformation

$100k is not the ultimate destination. It's just the beginning. It's not about the money; it's about the woman you become in the process. Through my Freedom Alchemy Coaching, you'll develop an unshakable belief in your own worth, heal your Legacy Wounds, activate your maximum impact potential, and create a life of purpose, prosperity, and joy.

Success Stories!

I have started seeing the results at the very beginning! I made my money back within 3 days of signing up. Then I had my biggest month then I ever had in 3 years! I learned more about how to set boundaries in all areas of my life! Such an amazing learning experience!

Michele Kirk
CEO - Peaceful Dreams Healing

When I started working with Sarah I loved helping others, but I felt a disconnect with it all. The way my business was set up was not lighting me up! I knew I was suppose to be doing something so much bigger. My business was suffering, it was dead. Then I worked with Sarah. Within 2 months my business was revived back to life! I am happy to announce, I am now FULLY BOOKED! This is the first time this has ever happened in the 3 years I've been in business!!

Hollie Ruwe
CEO - Eternal Flame Healing

I am completely mind-blown after my work with Sarah, it has been a game-changer for me. I made adjustments in my business that have completely transformed the last few weeks. The seeds she planted are still stirring, and I know they will manifest because of her powerful guidance. Forever grateful!

SarahJane Patton
CEO - Journey to Beautiful LLC


Cultivating Abundance: Your Freedom Alchemy Guidebook

Are you ready to break free from the Legacy Wounds that have been holding you back and start attracting more wealth and abundance into your life? Download my FREE guidebook, "Cultivating Abundance: Your Freedom Alchemy Guidebook," and discover the 8 secret mindset shifts you need to make to manifest your desires with ease and grace. This transformative resource will help you unlock your unlimited potential, heal your relationship with money, and create a life of true financial freedom and fulfillment.

Financial Freedom Blueprint Checklist

Ready to finally unlock your million-dollar mindset and create the abundant, purpose-driven life you deserve?
Download my FREE checklist, "Financial Freedom Blueprint Checklist," a comprehensive, step-by-step guide designed to help you unlock your million-dollar potential and achieve financial freedom without sacrificing your purpose or well-being.

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Feeling stuck at a certain income level? Can't seem to break through your money blocks and reach your financial goals? My Money Shift Session is designed to help you identify and release the limiting beliefs and patterns that are keeping you stuck, so you can finally experience the financial abundance you deserve.

Private 1:1 Coaching

Work with me one-on-one to experience personalized guidance, support, and accountability as you overcome challenges, develop your leadership skills, and achieve your business goals. Together, we'll create a customized plan to help you unlock your full potential and create the life and business you desire.

Are you ready to unlock your potential, transform your future, and become the confident, impactful leader you were born to be? Click below to book your Money Breakthrough Session or Private 1:1 Coaching and start your journey towards unshakable success today.

 "Working with Sarah was indeed a gift! I found her during a live on a Facebook Community Group Chat and her insight was spot on and I immediately booked a one-on-one session with her. Sarah has a very kind, welcoming spirit and I was immediately comfortable and knew I was in a safe space with someone I can learn from. I look forward to many more sessions with Sarah and I highly recommend her services to anyone seeking business guidance and personal growth.

Santia Tatum
CEO, Founder - Carabella Marketing

 "I took Sarah’s 12 week abundance code class. It helped me learn so much about how to release some of my limited beliefs surrounding money! Figuring out where they came from and letting them go. It was very helpful to really think about what my desires and outcomes are especially for my business. I have started seeing the results at the very beginning of the class as I made my money back that I paid for the class within 3 days of signing up. The month of January was my biggest month yet in sales in 3 years! I learned more about how to set boundaries in all areas of my life! Such an amazing learning experience! I highly recommend taking this course!

Michelle Kirk
CEO - Peaceful Dreams Healing

 "It was amazing what Sarah could accomplish in such a short phone call.. we uncovered my limiting beliefs around money, and I really felt a huge energy shift around possibilities for actually charging what I’m worth! Sarah has walked this walk and can guide you to greater abundance.

Kathleen Friend
Founder, CEO

 "Sarah is an amazing coach. Her intuitive business coaching and skills are very much needed. Thank you for giving me the opportunity to be coached by you. When she invites you; you will definitely feel welcomed. Thank you love for sharing and assisting me. I look forward to more time with you. You are appreciated!!!

Sharnita Williams

 "Sarah has a beautiful balance of intuition and business and she knows how to marry the two... I was fortunate to one of Sarah's courses and she shared techniques that are truly value for life where I can now put these things into practice... if you are lucky enough to work with her, then please take it up - she's amazing!

Joanne Esposito
Founder, CEO - The C Spot

 "Working with Sarah is amazing. She was able to tap in to provide intuitive guidance for me personally and my business while also being able to give practical steps to take to move forward in business. I love being able to have the two together. I felt completely safe and supported. She understood what I needed and took extra time on the call to help me. I highly recommend working with Sarah in anyway that you can!

Kimberly Pullig